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'Artists and creatives are the entrepreneurs and builders of society and its design.' - Marvin Minsky

Cosmic Burger is a non-profit organization that supports creative thinking helping artists and innovators to get their projects off the ground building consistent work in the development of platforms and products, management of careers, edition, communication, and event production.

Our organization is also a platform of social awareness, creating original content and projects for change, equality, and non-violence. We are here to be the crack in the pavement that will create new grounds for creative fruition and social development.

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‘If you were a replicant with fake memories and didn't know it, you'd be able to figure it out?’ Rick Deckard

Based in Porto, Carolina Grilo Santos is a visual artist, artistic producer, curator, and DJ.

With a degree in Visual Arts - Multimedia and a master's degree in Contemporary Art Practices at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, she develops her art project and in parallel develops freelance projects.

As a curator, she works regularly with Lote Cedofeita (Porto) and as a producer, she has worked with Maus Hábitos, Saco Azul, Coliseu do Porto, Rivoli (Porto), and Noite Branca (Braga). Currently, she takes part in Campanice collective, co-produces Paralaxe project, and is a DJ and producer in Shuggah Lickurs events.

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Based in Braga, Tiago Sampaio is a musician, composer, and producer with a degree in Graphic Design, training in Jazz Guitar by Richard Okkerse, and the 4th degree in Classic Guitar by ABRSM London.

Tiago Sampaio is the creator of the Portuguese band GrandFather’s House and in 2020 released his first album as a solo artist under the alias St. James Park.

Active as a composer and musician for almost a decade, he has also been recording, mixing, and producing other artists' works.

Based in Braga, Francisco Quintas is a creative, producer, and manager, with experience in the fields of art and technology.

With a degree in International Relations and a master's degree in Business Administration from Universidade do Minho, he works since 2013 as a producer at gnration (Braga), having worked with hundreds of national and international artists with a special focus on Media Arts.

He collaborates and is/was part of other projects such as Rock in Rio Lisboa, SEMIBREVE Festival, Trojan House was a Unicorn, and the International Photography Award Encontros da Imagem.

In 2014 he created Cosmic Burger, a platform aimed to help emerging artists and to raise awareness of some social issues as racism, gender equality, and LBTQ+ rights.

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