Diogo Mendes


Diogo Mendes has a degree in Light, Sound and Stage Effects by ACE Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo (Porto 2009-2012). Ever since he has collaborations has a light designer with multiple cultural venues and bands, such as Maus Hábitos, Gnration, Theatro Circo, KRAKE, First Breath After Coma, Surma, Dear Telephone, etc.

Recently he co-created Far Between concert-installation with IVY and was responsible for the artistic direction of PAUSA installation by Carla Pontes for Portugal Fashion 2019.

Currently his work reflects about "what is lighting beyond light?" has an attempt to change the main focus on the source of light to other elements that he manipulates such as glasses, mirrors, prisms, shadows, reflections, playing with the act of projecting videos, but also manipulating motors and the traditional concept of stage art.