Foundraising to Support Artistic Creation


Due to the new pandemic crisis, Cosmic Burger decided not only to start a fundraising that will have a direct impact on the lives of emergent artists, but also raises awareness on the difficulties of cultural workers, creatives and artists.

As a non-profit organization and without support to create grants for artists, Cosmic Burger is promoting a public fundraising in order to support artists and collectives from the north of Portugal that had exhibitions, presentations and works cancelled, resulting in a lack of incomes. As a collective that work mainly with emergent artists, we want them to have support for creation and living. 

Aiming to collect 20.000€ and, therefore, support 10 projects with 2.000€ each, this campaign is made by all of us. 

Knowing that we have an ambitious goal, we believe that is possible to reach a stage where we can help an artist. Once we have enough income, we will develop rules of an open call and selection thought for every emergent artist, from any field -  visual arts, music, dance, performance, theatre, etc.