GrandFather’s House

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GrandFather’s House is a project funded in 2012 by Tiago Sampaio, bringing together Rita Sampaio and, later, Nuno Gonçalves. The band has edited a total of 3 albums: Skeleton (EP, 2014), Slow Move (LP, 2016) and Diving (LP, 2017). Through them, they did a Galician tour, three European tours and have been invited to multiple festivals and stages, such as SZIGET Festival (HU), 2016; Super Bock Super Rock Festival 2019; Vodafone Paredes de Coura Festival, 2013, 2016 e 2018; Casa das Artes of Vila Nova de Famalicão; Theatro Circo, Braga; Hard Club, Porto and Music Box, Lisboa.

This project that was highly associated with rock and blues sounds on its beginning, evolved to a symbiosis of pop rock, synth pop and alternative music. In February of 2020, the band presented a special show at Theatre Circo (Braga) as a revival of their discography, giving new approaches to the musics. This show counted with a group of special guests - Catarina Miranda (Emmy Curl), Cláudia Guerreiro (Linda Martini), Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), Pedro Oliveira (Krake, peixe:avião) and Selma Uamusse - that joined GrandFather’s House on the stage for an unique show in this iconic and historical venue.


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