We steal the name from the stars — Pulsar is the name of this campaign, but also names all neutrons stars that, due their extensive magnectic field, transform rotating energy into electromagnectic energy. This discoveries were made through radiotelescopes and the first pulsar was found by Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell, a revolutionary woman in a mainly masculine science area.

Now the clues are on the table: Pulsar Open Call is created by Cosmic Burger and is thought for women artists in the area of electronic music or extremely inspired by this genre. Trying to discover new national talents, this project will select one artist/group to take part on Cosmic Burger artist group, providing the production, recording, promotion, management and edition of her/their musical project.

Thus, Pulsar is not only an open call, but is also a project that aims to raise awareness on the disparity of offers between genders in a field as electronic music, but also in the music industry and world in general.