SKYLAB is a project composed of a series of creative laboratories developed by Cosmic Burger. For a year, there will be a program filled with workshops, exploratives walks around the city of Braga, and intensive courses, experiencing various artistic fields.

This is an initiative to be implemented in the Mosaic Room, lent with the support of D. Diogo de Sousa Museum, with the goal of streamlining Braga’s historical city centre, creating an activity cycle that mixes different art forms (visual arts, theatre, music, audiovisual, among others) and audiences (children and adults), encouraging artistic creation and exploration and training.

workshops and activities

Creative Writing Laboratory with Sara Brandão

Come explore new forms of inspiration and utilizing your words with Sara Brandão. There’ll be newspapers, crayons and reflection exercises that will result in a small publication!

25th of September 2021

11th of December 2021

5th of February 2022

9th of April 2022

Printing Techniques Laboratory  with Alexandra Rafael/Oficina Mescla

Alexandra Rafael founded Oficina Mescla (Oporto) and created two laboratories that will take you out of your box! For children, the experimente will offer a take on Tetrapak; For young adults and adults, there will be used linoleum plates, which are easy to excavate, to create hand-printed designs!

2nd of October 2021 

18th of December 2021

26th of March 2022

4th of June 2022

Musical Production Laboratory with Hugo Oliveira (Minus & MRDolly) 

For an intensive course, Hugo aka Minus & MRDolly, will share tips and tools on how to create music autonomously and on a free software — you’ll only need to bring your computer!

16th of October 2021

23th of October 2021

30th of October 2021

6th of November 2021

13th of November 2021

20th of November 2021

27th of November 2021

4th of December 2021

Musical Composition Laboratory with Tiago Sampaio and Rita Sampaio

The duo Rita and Tiago Sampaio (GrandFather’s House) explores, in two laboratories, the best techniques for composing music!

22th of January  2022

12th of february 2022

Movement Expression Laboratory with Susana Brandão and Maria Luís Cardoso

Susana Brandão and Maria Luís Cardoso are both actresses, and both love body-expression exercises! In these laboratories, children, young adults and adults will experience the Mosaic Room of D. Diogo de Sousa a little differently: running, jumping or stretching, all is valid!

15 th of January 2022

26th of February 2022

12th of March 2022

23rd of April 2022

Creative Management Laboratory with Sofia Rocha e Silva (Luscofia)

Managing time, managing clientes, paying bills: being an artist, a freelancer and managing a creative mind is a lot of work! But with the help of Luscofia, finance and management don’t have to be a daunting chore and can, isntead, become joyful activities.

19th of February 2022 - Budget and invoicing

5th of March 2022 - Managing time when you’re in charge of time

19th of March 2022 - Accounting and daily management

2nd of April 2022 - Having and maintaining clients

16th of April 2022 - Living off creativity

Video Laboratory with Casota Collective

3, 2, 1… recording! Casota Collective will travel all the way from Leiria for an intensive weekend of vídeo recording and editing. Bring your smartphone, and with their tips and tricks, you’ll have the best vídeos of the season!

6th of May 2022

7th of May 2022

8th of May 2022

Audio Recording and Ecology Laboratory with Cláudia Martinho

Technology and nature don’t have to be two separate worlds because Cláudia Martinho will show you how to see and hear them in union. You’ll head to the street in three groups and three sound recorders, and hear the city breathe. After, you’ll learn how to edit your áudio and composo a beautiful áudio track or song!

21st of May 2022

Spatiality Laboratory with Luísa Abreu

Luísa Abreu is a plastic artist who enjoys the publishing world maybe a little too much. After her first experience with creating a guide for a specific walk, she now ventures in creating new paths through D. Diogo de Sousa Museum and the streets of Braga. Luísa invites you to join her and her reflections, which you’ll carry with you in your hand!

21st of May 2022

11th of June 2022

25th of June 2022

Artistic Expression Laboratory by Clara Não with Clara Não, Mariana Malhão, Constança Amador, Daniela Lino, Inês Soares e Luísa Matos

Clara Não, the it-illustrator of the moment, is joined by five artists to create ten laboratories for a juvenile audience! On these Saturdays filled with fun mornings and afternoons, you’ll make stamps out of fruits, paint, and put your voice up to use!

30th of April 2022

14th of May 2022

28th of May 2022

11th of June 2022

25th of June 2022

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