Francisco Quintas
founder and artistic director 

Based in Braga, Francisco Quintas is a creative, producer, and manager, with experience in the fields of art and technology.

With a degree in International Relations and a master's degree in Business Administration by Universidade do Minho, he works since 2013 as a producer at gnration (Braga), having worked with hundreds of national and international artists with a special focus on Media Arts.

He collaborates and is/was part of other projects such as Rock in Rio Lisboa, SEMIBREVE Festival, Trojan House was a Unicorn, and the International Photography Award Encontros da Imagem.

In 2014 he created Cosmic Burger, a platform aimed to help emerging artists and to raise awareness to some social issues as racism, gender equality and LBTQ+ rights.

Carolina Grilo Santos
artistic producer and booking agent

Based in Porto, Carolina Grilo Santos is a visual artist, artistic producer, curator and dj.

With a degree in Visual Arts - Multimedia and a master degree in Contemporary Art Practices by Fine Arts Faculty of Porto, she develops her personal artistic project and in parallel develops freelance projects.

As a curator, she works regularly with Lote Cedofeita (Porto) and as a producer she has worked with Maus Hábitos, Saco Azul, Coliseu do Porto, Rivoli (Porto) and Noite Branca (Braga). Currently, she takes part of Campanice collective, co-produces Paralaxe project and is a dj and producer in Shuggah Lickurs events.

Tiago Sampaio
producer and coordinator of educational projects

Based in Braga, Tiago Sampaio is a musician, composer and producer.

With a degree in Graphic Design, training in Jazz Guitar by Richard Okkerse and a 4th degree in Classic Guitar by ABRSM London, Tiago Sampaio has founded GrandFather’s House project and is now debuting as solo artist with St. James Park.

Active has composer and musician for almost a decade, he has also been developing recording, mixing and production collaborations with other artists.

Pedro Sousa
communication manager and booking agent

Based in Braga, Pedro Sousa is communication and social network manager.

With a post degree in Public Relations and Marketing, he is currently responsible for the communication of multiple projects, being involved with gnration, TEDxBraga and Social Innovation Centre - Human Power Hub.

Pedro Pereira

Based in Braga, Pedro Pereira aka Pipi is a designer that also develops projects in illustration and photography, such as Sad Pipino.

With a degree in Graphic Design by IPCA Design School, he’s also trained in Audivisual and Multimedia by Rádio Universitária do Minho.

Currently he develops a particular language in its creative designs, following eighties, modernism, nineties acid raves vibes.

Carolina Lapa
communication and press release manager

Based in Braga, Carolina Lapa is a freelance copywriter and communication manager.

With a degree in Communication Sciences - Marketing by Universidade of Minho, she counts with multiple works as copywriter for enterprises as Elec3city, Caetsu and A Transformadora, but also as freelancer for Coliseu do Porto and Braga’s application office for UNESCO Creative City in Media Arts.

Currently she is the communication manager of Braga Media Arts projects and Braga Cultura 2030, also developing work for cultural and literary projects, such as lina&nando and Flop.